Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Watch how to remove tarnishing easily using Silver Sparkle!

Watch this video to see how to remove tarnish from silver!


Like new silver in an instant!
If you've got lots of silver jewellery sitting around that's looking a little tired and tarnished, then why not try silver sparkle? This fantastic product allows you to get your silver super bright and sparkly in less than two minutes! It's so easy to use, simply pop your jewellery in the handy cage provided and sink into the liquid, you can really see the tarnish being removed! Each pot of silver sparkle also comes with a little brush for those hard to reach areas and a polishing cloth to add that extra sparkle to your silver!
Click here to read more about Silver Sparkle!

Get crafty and create beautiful friendship bracelets!

We all remember the days of plaiting cords to give to our friends at school but this retro technique is making a come back with a more grown up twist! We've noticed friendship style cord bracelets appearing all over the high street and couldn't help but feel inspired by this nostalgic technique. We've put together a range of friendship bracelets using coloured cords, suede and even Kumihimo braiding, take a look and feel inspired! 

Kumihimo Braided Friendship Bracelet!
 Kumihimo friendship bracelet
We are addicted to Kumihimo, our beginners Kumihimo kit makes this ancient Japenese braiding technique so easy to do and gives you all you need to get started creating Kumihimo designs. We used our 'blue tones' rattail pack to braid this design using the Kumihimo disc. We thought adding the 'pandora' stlye charm beads gave an extra special feel to the bracelet!

Adding a snaptite setting to suede cord.

 How to add a snaptite to cord
It's so easy to add a snaptite to friendship style bracelets! In less than a minute you can add some beautiful sparkle to your design. In our designs we used both 5mm and 8mm round snaptites but you could choose any size you like. Simply choose the same size faceted stone as your snaptite setting, slide your cord through the setting to the place you would like it, and then as in the picture simply push your stone in to the snaptite setting. This should secure your setting on the cord.

Finished sparkly friendship bracelet!

 Multi Strand Suede Friendship Bracelet
Our new coloured micro fibre suede cords really inpired us to create a friendship style a bracelet. Here we slid snaptite settings with complimentary cubic zirconia stones onto the cord. We then glued the ends of the cord in to small bell caps for a pretty detail to attach the clasp to. For this bracelet we used 8mm snaptite settings as we loved the impact the larger sparkly stones had!

Suede Cord and Cubic Zirconia Friendship bracelet

Single cubic zirconia friendship bracelet!

Plaited suede friendship bracelet
 Coloured Plaited Bracelet
If charms aren't your thing why not create a simply style friendship bracelet by plaiting some micro fibre suede cord. We love this colour combination! A great little bracelet in 5 minutes flat!

Braided friendship bracelet with cute charms.

 Braided Suede Friendship Bracelet
Here we chose three colours of our micro fibre suede and plaited them together, we then added some sterling silver charms by popping a jump ring through the plait to hold it in place. You can choose charms that are personal to you, perhaps a love heart, leaf or shell, we have a wide range of charms.

Leaf link friendship bracelet.
 Leaf Friendship Bracelet
This friendship bracelet was so quick to make, we simply threaded some black cotton cord through this leaf link and then folded a box style end cord over the two opposite ends and attached a clasp which clips to the leaf. A really quick and simple design but bang on the friendship bracelet trend!

Braided labradorite bracelet!
 Braided Rattail Friendship Bracelet
We chose a gorgeous blue rattail from our new range of rattail colour mixes to braid this bracelet. We think the blue really brings out the gorgeous flashes of the labradorite donut! Use a length either side of the donut, double it over to attach each side to the donut and then braid (Youtube has some great video demonstrations!), we created a chinese sliding knot to secure the bracelet which allows it to be adjustable.

Create beautiful wedding tiaras!

Wedding season is upon us and with people getting more and more hands on with creating pieces for their wedding, we thought we'd show you our favourite tiara makes! So whether you or someone you know is getting married, why not get creative!

Pearl Flower Wedding Tiara
Stunning Pearl Flower Tiara
This gorgeous pearl flower tiara was much easier to make than it looks! Using 0.3mm silver plated wire we thread pearls from our mixed pearl bead pack, along with crystal quartz chips onto the wire and then shaped this beaded wire into a four petal flower. We then attached this to a tiara base by wrapping the same wire through the flower and around the base.  In the final few loops of wrapping the flower onto the base we added some crystal quartz chips to the centre and continued to wrap to add a real sparkle. To add stamen to the cenre of the flower we used a thicker 0.5mm wire to wrap around the centre of the flower and then wire wrapped a crystal quartz chip to the end of each one. This makes for a simply but elegant vintage style tiara!
Silver Heart & Pearl Tiara
 Statement Heart Tiara
Make a real statement with your tiara with this heart design. Here we wire wrapped pearls and crystal quartz chips around the tiara base using a 0.3mm silver plated wire. As we came to the centre of the tiara we wire wrapped sterling silver heart beads and a couple of heart links onto the base before continuing wrapping pearls and crystal quartz. To make the higher parts of the tiara we wire wrapped a mixture of pearl, crystal quartz and sterling silver beads onto long stems which we then wrapped around the base.
Sparkly Cubic Zirconia Wedding Tiara
Super Sparkly Cubic Zirconia Tiara
As with the other tiaras we used a 0.3mm silver plated wire to wire wrap pearls and crystal quartz beads onto the tiara base. We then used snaptite settings to simply 'pop' some super sparkly cubic zirconia in (click here to see our instructions on using snaptite settings) We then used 0.3mm wire to push through the snaptites and twisted the wire together to give extra strength, this was then wire wrapped onto the base when it was at the right height. This is a simple and elegant design for adding super sparkle to that wedding 'up' do!

Getting creative with Kumihimo!

Watch! Learn how to create beautiful Kumihimo braiding in minutes with our video demonstration!

Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese technique of braiding that means you can make gorgeous braided bracelets (it's fantastic for on trend friendship bracelets!), necklaces and much more! We have wanted to have a go at Kumihimo for a while but we were always a little daunted by it as the effect it creates looks so intricate, however using a Kumihimo beginner's kit made it so simple

As you can see from the video, the technique is made so easy using the Kumihimo braiding disc. Simply choose your threads, weight the ends with something and get braiding, pulling the cord from one side to the other of the disc. There are various Kumihimo braiding patterns to follow, some of which are detailed in the advice leaflet of the kit, all you need to do is follow the handy numbers around the disc to get going.

The kit includes a Kumihimo disc which makes the braiding so easy, once you've got started all you need to do is fold the threads over each other from one side of the disc to the really is that simple! And what's even better is this kit provides you with everything you need to get started with Kumihimo including a mix of threads, the disc, instructions, glue, clasps and much more!

Once we'd had a go with the cords that come as part of the kit we just couldn't resist experimenting some more and so our quest to find things to braid began! We experimented with finer threads which made great little friendship bracelets perfect for charm beads. Once we'd finished with that we just had to have a go with wires. We had a go with 0.6mm Copper wire which made a great 'wire cage' effect and a finer 0.4mm silver plated wire which made for a super sparkly effect perfect for a delicate bracelet! The wire creates a stiff but not completely rigid effect which is perfect for creating necklet wires and bangle style bracelets.

If you'd like to have a go with different threads and wires you can also choose to opt for our 'kit with extras' which includes the wires and threads we have experimented with here at Kernowcraft. 

Click here to see our Kumihimo kit!