Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Get crafty and create beautiful friendship bracelets!

We all remember the days of plaiting cords to give to our friends at school but this retro technique is making a come back with a more grown up twist! We've noticed friendship style cord bracelets appearing all over the high street and couldn't help but feel inspired by this nostalgic technique. We've put together a range of friendship bracelets using coloured cords, suede and even Kumihimo braiding, take a look and feel inspired! 

Kumihimo Braided Friendship Bracelet!
 Kumihimo friendship bracelet
We are addicted to Kumihimo, our beginners Kumihimo kit makes this ancient Japenese braiding technique so easy to do and gives you all you need to get started creating Kumihimo designs. We used our 'blue tones' rattail pack to braid this design using the Kumihimo disc. We thought adding the 'pandora' stlye charm beads gave an extra special feel to the bracelet!

Adding a snaptite setting to suede cord.

 How to add a snaptite to cord
It's so easy to add a snaptite to friendship style bracelets! In less than a minute you can add some beautiful sparkle to your design. In our designs we used both 5mm and 8mm round snaptites but you could choose any size you like. Simply choose the same size faceted stone as your snaptite setting, slide your cord through the setting to the place you would like it, and then as in the picture simply push your stone in to the snaptite setting. This should secure your setting on the cord.

Finished sparkly friendship bracelet!

 Multi Strand Suede Friendship Bracelet
Our new coloured micro fibre suede cords really inpired us to create a friendship style a bracelet. Here we slid snaptite settings with complimentary cubic zirconia stones onto the cord. We then glued the ends of the cord in to small bell caps for a pretty detail to attach the clasp to. For this bracelet we used 8mm snaptite settings as we loved the impact the larger sparkly stones had!

Suede Cord and Cubic Zirconia Friendship bracelet

Single cubic zirconia friendship bracelet!

Plaited suede friendship bracelet
 Coloured Plaited Bracelet
If charms aren't your thing why not create a simply style friendship bracelet by plaiting some micro fibre suede cord. We love this colour combination! A great little bracelet in 5 minutes flat!

Braided friendship bracelet with cute charms.

 Braided Suede Friendship Bracelet
Here we chose three colours of our micro fibre suede and plaited them together, we then added some sterling silver charms by popping a jump ring through the plait to hold it in place. You can choose charms that are personal to you, perhaps a love heart, leaf or shell, we have a wide range of charms.

Leaf link friendship bracelet.
 Leaf Friendship Bracelet
This friendship bracelet was so quick to make, we simply threaded some black cotton cord through this leaf link and then folded a box style end cord over the two opposite ends and attached a clasp which clips to the leaf. A really quick and simple design but bang on the friendship bracelet trend!

Braided labradorite bracelet!
 Braided Rattail Friendship Bracelet
We chose a gorgeous blue rattail from our new range of rattail colour mixes to braid this bracelet. We think the blue really brings out the gorgeous flashes of the labradorite donut! Use a length either side of the donut, double it over to attach each side to the donut and then braid (Youtube has some great video demonstrations!), we created a chinese sliding knot to secure the bracelet which allows it to be adjustable.

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