Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Getting creative with Kumihimo!

Watch! Learn how to create beautiful Kumihimo braiding in minutes with our video demonstration!

Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese technique of braiding that means you can make gorgeous braided bracelets (it's fantastic for on trend friendship bracelets!), necklaces and much more! We have wanted to have a go at Kumihimo for a while but we were always a little daunted by it as the effect it creates looks so intricate, however using a Kumihimo beginner's kit made it so simple

As you can see from the video, the technique is made so easy using the Kumihimo braiding disc. Simply choose your threads, weight the ends with something and get braiding, pulling the cord from one side to the other of the disc. There are various Kumihimo braiding patterns to follow, some of which are detailed in the advice leaflet of the kit, all you need to do is follow the handy numbers around the disc to get going.

The kit includes a Kumihimo disc which makes the braiding so easy, once you've got started all you need to do is fold the threads over each other from one side of the disc to the really is that simple! And what's even better is this kit provides you with everything you need to get started with Kumihimo including a mix of threads, the disc, instructions, glue, clasps and much more!

Once we'd had a go with the cords that come as part of the kit we just couldn't resist experimenting some more and so our quest to find things to braid began! We experimented with finer threads which made great little friendship bracelets perfect for charm beads. Once we'd finished with that we just had to have a go with wires. We had a go with 0.6mm Copper wire which made a great 'wire cage' effect and a finer 0.4mm silver plated wire which made for a super sparkly effect perfect for a delicate bracelet! The wire creates a stiff but not completely rigid effect which is perfect for creating necklet wires and bangle style bracelets.

If you'd like to have a go with different threads and wires you can also choose to opt for our 'kit with extras' which includes the wires and threads we have experimented with here at Kernowcraft. 

Click here to see our Kumihimo kit!

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