Monday, 9 July 2012

Create your own funky friendship bracelets....!

  • What you'll need...What you'll need... To make the green bracelet that we've made in this project you will need:
    Silver Plated Textured Round Link Chain (sold as a 91cm length so you'll be able to make a few with this!)
    Micro Fibre Suede Cord in Olive, 1 metre (sold per metre, so you can make a few with this length)
    Pyrite Faceted Coin Beads x 4
    A pack of Silver Plated Wire in 0.3mm thickness
    Snipe Nose Pliers
    Heavy Duty Side Cutters
  • Funky friendship braceletsFunky friendship bracelets Create these funky friendship bracelets by following these easy steps and you'll be wearing them in no time!
  • Cut your loopsCut your loops So, for the first step you'll need to use a pair of side cutters to snip a length of four loops out of your silver plated chain. Of course if you want more or less links then that's completely up to you!
  • Fold your suede over the loop...Fold your suede over the loop... Take your length of micro fibre suede cord and fold the top over one of the end loop. Add a dab of hypo cement glue to secure together.

    • Wrap wire...Wrap wire... Using a piece of silver plated wire, bend a length of about 5mm at a right angle and place on top of the fold in the suede. Then wrap the wire around the fold a few times to help secure in place.
    • Twist the ends together...Twist the ends together... Cut your wire leaving a little bit at the end, then twist the ends of the wire together to help secure.
    • Pinch together with pliersPinch together with pliers Using a pair of snipe nose pliers, squeeze the twisted ends close into the cord pushing it down to ensure no sharp edges poke out and trim the ends if needs be. You will then need to repeat this at the other end of your set of links to make a complete bracelet. The ends of the bracelet can be tied together for a traditional friendship bracelet style or you could add a clasp by gluing end caps on to the micro fibre suede cord and attaching a clasp.
    • Thread on your bead...Thread on your bead... Next you need to add beads to the centre of the loops, this is really simple to do. Get a length of silver plated wire and thread on your bead of choice (we used pyrite faceted beads)
    • Twist wire...Twist wire... Place your length of wire with the bead threaded onto it so that it lies across the centre of the loop link. Then with your snipe nose pliers (or fingers if you find it easier!) simply wrap the wire a few times around the loop and squeeze tight to secure, we made sure we wrapped either side of the wire with the bead on it so that it was extra secure and didn't slide around the loop link.
    • Trim the ends of the wireTrim the ends of the wire Trim the ends of your wire to get rid of any sharp bits and then repeat on the other end of the wire. The bead will slide along this piece of wire creating a great effect when you wear it. You can repeat the last few steps for the other loop links.
    • And you're done!And you're done! And your friendship bracelet is finished. Wear yourself or make for presents! Why not try with other beads and other coloured micro fibre suede as we did!

    What we've been making this week...

    What we've been making this week...

    Blue Chalcedony Briolette earrings
    Blue Chalcedony Briolette earrings These gorgeous blue chalcedony earrings were made by wire wrapping one of our new blue chalcedony briolette beads using brass wire (0.3mm wire is perfect for wire wrapping briolettes). We then created a swirl out of a thicker 1mm brass wire and hammered it to flatten it and create a lovely texture. We then attached the briolette and an earwire to the brass swirl to complete the pair of earrings.

    Green Onyx and Green Amethyst Earrings
    Green Onyx and Green Amethyst Earrings These vibrant green onyx and green amethyst earrings are so eye catching! We wire wrapped four green onyx briolette beads per earring and added them to a short length of SN2 silver chain using small jump rings. We then wire wrapped a green amethyst briolette bead for each earring and added them to the end of the chain using a jump ring to give a nice neat finish to the piece.

    Carnelian and Pyrite Briolette Earrings
    Carnelian and Pyrite Briolette Earrings We love the Bollywood feel of these carnelian and pyrite briolette earrings. Here we created a loop out of 1mm brass wire and hammered flat to create a lovely texture and shape. We then wire wrapped three pyrite briolette beads per earring using 0.3mm brass wire and added these to the bottom of the loop. The carnelian briolette bead was then wire wrapped and added to the top of the hoop with a small jump ring. (We linked the jump ring through wire at the top of the loop to stop the carenlian bead sliding around)

    Blue Chalcedony and Black Spinel Earrings
    Blue Chalcedony and Black Spinel Earrings These funky blue chalcedony and black spinel earrings were really easy to create. We used 0.3mm brass wire and wrapped rough loops, about half way through wrapping the loops we added the black spinel briolettes to the bottom loop of the wire and then continued with the loops. We then sealed the loops together at the top by wire wrapping tightly around the wire. We then wire wrapped a blue chalcedony briolette and then added this to the top of the loop using more wire wrapping.

    Lapis Lazuli Briolette earrings
    Lapis Lazuli Briolette earrings The rich blue of these lapis lazuli briolette beads looks fab combined with brass wire. Here we wire wrapped loops in brass wire and sealed at the top by wire wrapping. We hammered these flat. We then wire wrapped a lapis lazuli briolette and added it to the top of the loops. Very simple but beautiful!

    Pink Chalcedony Briolette Earrings
    Pink Chalcedony Briolette Earrings These pink chalcedony briolette earrings were unbelievably simple to make. We used round nose pliers to create the curved shape out of 1mm brass wire, we then hammered this flat for a lovely texture. We wire wrapped the pink chalcedony briolette bead and then added that to the bottom of wire shape we created.

    Turquoise Briolette Earrings
    Turquoise Briolette Earrings These turquoise briolette earrings were made in the same way as the pink chalcedony briolette earrings. We love the vibrant turquoise combined with brass, this lovely turquoise colour is sure to add a bit of summer brightness to your designs!