Thursday, 27 September 2012

Easy to set easy you can even use a spoon!

We are really excited to stock these gorgeous new settings for cabochon stones. The best thing about them (aside from the pretty design) is that they are really easy to set. If you are a beginner to the world of jewellery making, don't worry, these are ideal for those with no previous experience at all and you will get a great professional finish. They are available in either sterling silver or brass, two very popular metals, giving you the option of silver or a gold coloured finish at a much cheaper price than 9ct gold.

What tools do I need?

Usually for setting stones, you will need a selection of tools; however for these fantastic gallery wire settings all you will need is a bezel rocker to push over the claws neatly. This is the ideal tool to use and if you are going to progress to any other types of stone setting it will be an essential bit of kit for your workshop. If however you don't have one and don't want the extra expense of buying one yet (they are only £13.20) you can actually use a makeshift tool that you will definitely have at home already: a stainless steel teaspoon!
To set the stone all you have to do is carefully push the claws down over the stone to keep it securely in place. Working your way around the stone, push the claws down gradually from opposite sides, so that the stone stays central.

What if the stone doesn't have a high dome and sits too low in the setting?

If you are using a fairly shallow stone and would prefer it to sit up a bit higher in the setting, you can make a simple adjustment as you would with any other setting. Simply cut a length of round wire, make a loop and sit this inside the setting so that the stone sits on top of it. This will raise the stone up a bit to give you the look you want.

To view or buy these lovely new gallery wire settings, click here.

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