Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumnal Inspired Earrings!

When we were asked by Beads and Beyond magazine to come up with some autumn inspired earrings for their October issue we created these lovely earring combining the gorgeous autumnal tones of carnelian, pyrite and brass. Follow these simple steps and with a little bit of wire work you can create these briolette earrings for yourself!
These gorgeous brass earrings were inspired by Bollywood, using the rich tones of Carnelian and Pyrite to add some glamour. They’re so simple to make, taking less than 30 minutes but are sure to add some sparkle to an autumnal outfit.

Gather these supplies
• 6 Pyrite Briolette beads
• 2 Carnelian Briolette beads
• 1 Pair Gilt plated earwires
• 26cm 1mm Brass wire
• 80cm 0.4mm Brass wire
• 2 Small gilt plated jump rings
Ball Pein hammer
Steel block

Here’s how
1. Cut a 13cm length of 1mm brass wire and using the tips of the round nose pliers bend a small loop at one end of the wire and a slightly larger loop at the other end.

2. Using the round nose pliers bend the wire into a circle so that the two ends meet, don’t worry about it being a perfect circle.

3. Bend the wire 90 degrees just underneath the smaller loop (later you will attach a jump ring to these loops). Twist the larger loop open and put the small loop in here before closing this will create a complete hoop earring.

4. Place these loops on a steel block and using you ball pein hammer, hammer them flat, hammering some parts of the loop harder than others to create the interesting uneven shape. Carefully hammer the small loop at the top to flatten it. Polish to a high shine using a silver cloth.

5. Attach each of your loop to the earwires.

6. Using your 0.4mm brass wire, wire wrap each of your carnelian briolette beads. Cut a length of wire around 10cm long, thread this through the briolette bead, then pinch these together at the top of the bead, Cut the end of one side of wire so it is around 2-3mm above the bead.

7. Using round nose pliers, bend the long end of the wire at a right angle and then around the pliers to create a loop.

8. Using snipe nose pliers hold this loop and wrap the rest of the wire around the stem of the wires. When you feel like you have done this enough to secure, trim the end and squeeze with your pliers to secure.

9. Attach each of these carnelian beads to the small loop at the top of the earring component using a jump ring.

10. Wire wrap each of the pyrite briolettes straight on to the bottom of the loop earring components, using the same method as above you will need to attach three at the bottom of each loop.

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