Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Create funky necklaces in just 5 minutes!

Our new silver plated donut holders are so funky with a modern bird design that is so popular right now. These are some of the nicest donut holders that we've seen, not only is the bird design bang on trend but they add such a modern touch to gemstone donuts. They're designed to fit our newest range of 40mm gemstone donuts which include simple yet beautiful stones such as blue goldstone and black onyx as well as some super stunning patterned donuts in dalmation jasper and rhyolite. The silver bird design makes a lovely contrast to the gemstones making a real feature!

All you need to do to create a funky and modern necklace is slide the donut holder through the centre of the donut and fold down to secure into place. We think they look great slid onto one of our silver plated neck wires to continue the modern style or for a more traditional style you could add them to one of our silver plated chains which start at just 72p each.

These funky donut holders have been chosen for their great quality plating as well as they're design and cost £4.95 each, our beautiful large gemstone donuts range from £4.60 each. So you can create a gorgeous necklace in little time and at a low cost, making them perfect for presents or just that little treat for yourself!

Click here to see these new donut holders and take a look at the related products for our range of gemstone donuts.

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