Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A brief history of Labradorite!

It's always nice to know the origins of stones, especially when you're using them in your designs so we thought we'd share a little bit of history on one of our favourite stones, Labradorite!
Labradorite is characterised by it's stunning iridescent flashes which can range from rich golds to blues and even pinks, these flashes can often cover the whole surface of the stone but can also form gorgeous bands creating a striped effect ...sometimes it's even hard to believe that these stones are created by nature!
So, where does Labradorite come from?
Labradorite gets it's name from where it is mainly found, the Labradorite peninsular in Canada, however it can also be found in other metamorphic and igneous rock around the world including in places such as Finland, Norway, Australia and Mexico.
Labradorite has been known for many centuries in the area of Labrador by the native Inuit tribes, there are a whole host of stories involving the original discovery of Labradorite, but our favourite (and perhaps the one that sounds the most magical!) is the idea that a 'mighty being' came down to earth and threw the stones up to the sky to create stars, however a few remained sparkling in the ground.
It is said that Labradorite was discovered by Moravian missionaries living within the Inuit community who saw boulders in the area giving off a gorgeous blue flash, who then brought it across to Europe by them in 1771 where it's stunning iridescent flashes quickly became popular in the European jewellery market.
Labradorite and crystal healing
Labradorite is believed to have a vast range of characteristics which can be used within crystal healing. It is said to treat disorders of the eyes, relieve stress and regulate metabolism as well as balancing hormones and lowering blood pressure. It is said to be most effective at combatting these ailments when worn over the higher heart chakra, so transforming a beautiful labradorite into a pendant would be a great way of aiding this process!
As well as being used within crystal healing Labradorite is said to banish fear and insecurity as well as calming an overactive mind and aiding people through a period of change giving them strength and perseverence. So why not transform a piece of labradorite into a piece of jewellery, making a great gift for someone going through big changes in their life.
Labradorite is by far the favourite gemstone of the Kernowcraft team, with it's gorgeous blue flashes and markings we just can't stop using it in our jewellery designs!
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