Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Art Clay Silver Formula- it's now even easier to use!

Kernowcraft are really excited to be stocking the new and improved Art Clay Silver formula!
The clever people at Aida have developed a new version of Art Clay Silver that is even better than their previous formulas of silver metal clay. This new version combines all the best characteristics from their previous formulas including:
  • Slower drying time (from the Slow Dry formula)
  • Low firing temperature (from Art Clay 650 formula)
  • Easy moulding (from the original Art Clay formula)
These enhanced characteristics mean that this fantastic clay is much easier to use than ever before. It is easier to work with, with slower drying time meaning that you have longer to work the clay into a gorgeous design. It also accepts moisture more than previous formulas, making it easier to rework items as well as reconstituting dried Art Clay Silver. As well as these improved characteristics, this new formula is also much easier to carve in to when dry than previous versions. All of these developments mean that this new Art Clay Silver formula is even easier to use than ever before!
This brilliant new Art Clay Silver formula will replace all previous Art Clay Silver ranges as it's combination of all these characteristics make it the best Art Clay Silver yet. So why not create some beautiful fine silver jewellery with ease using this fantastic formula that transforms from a clay into pure silver when it is fired!
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