Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Try something new for 2013!

A new year is always a great excuse to try something new and advance your jewellery making skills, so why not take a look at some of our products that will allow you to try something new for 2013!
Add a creative finish to your metal designs...
If silversmithing is your thing then why not have a go with our glass fibre scratch brush. This easy to use tool allows you to try new finishes on your metal. Add a fashionable 'satin' effect to your metal designs or use to add a more rustic 'scratched' effect. As this brush is small and easy to use you can highlight different parts of your design with this 'scratched' effect, it's a great alternative to adding a hammered finish to your designs. Simply use under running water and brush over the surface of your piece- it's a brilliant, fast and easy way to add a new dimension to your designs!

Get a perfect polish by hand...
If, like us, you struggle with fiddly sanding sheets then why not save yourself some time (and stress!) in 2013 by having a go with Garryflex sanding blocks. These blocks come in three grades which you work through as you would do with sanding sheets however they are much easier to use. Think of them like using an eraser, they're easy to grip on to and use. Cut smaller pieces off to sand in smaller areas and get into more detailed areas, work through the grades to achieve a lovely polish. Once you've had a go we doubt you'll go back to using sanding sheets. Take a look at Kernowcraft team member Jo's blog about being converted to using them here.

Protect your fingers whilst silversmithing..
It comes with the territory, but as we all know silvermithing can often end up leaving you with hands that look like you've had an argument with your tools. Now you can protect your hands from cuts, grazes and even burns when silversmithing by using the amazing alligator protection tape. Wrap this self-adhesive tape around your fingers to protect yourself, perfect if you're new to the world of silversmithing in 2013! Simply discard when you've finished, as it attaches to yourself it doesn't leave an awful sticky residue and leaves your hands cut free! At just £3.95 for a 27 metre roll it's sure to last you a while.

The perfect book to inspire some new ideas for 2013...
If you're looking to expand your knowledge of silversmithing in 2013 then the book 'The Workbench Guide to Jewellery Techniques' is the perfect book for you. This book is filled with a huge variety of creative techniques including reticulation, enamelling, press forming, casting, patinas, making catches and much more. This book is sure to fill you with some brilliant ideas for your jewellery designs and some brilliant creative techniques to keep you filled with fresh ideas for 2013. For our full range of books covering everything from beading to metal clay click here and learn something new this year!

Set your first stones with ease...
If you've never tried setting stones before then why not have a go this year! With our range of easy to set gallery wire settings you can set your first stone in just 5 minutes! These settings are available as pendant settings or link settings in both sterling silver and brass and can be used for earrings, bracelets and pendants. Simply pop in your stone and use a bezel rocker or even a spoon to push the pretty gallery wire around the stone to secure into place. To see for yourself how easy these are to set for yourself click here to see our video.
There are so many possibilities to get creative with your jewellery making and try something new and exciting for 2013, keep your eyes on our blog and 'Just Arrived' section throughout the year to see some more fantastic inspiration!

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