Thursday, 14 March 2013

Creating Jewellery Components with Silver Wire

I was having a look through some of our recent earring designs that we have made at Kernowcraft and thought that I'd share these simple earrings with you.
What I like about these earrings (apart from the twinkly midnight coloured Black Spinel Briolette Beads is the wobbly silver components. These were handmade and although if you are a beginner and have never attempted soldering before you might be thinking "....eek I couldn't do that" but you would be surprised how easy it is to create something simple like this and the new creative designs you can come up with just a little new skill under your belt!

How to make...
The silver components were made with some Sterling Silver Wire (I think I used 0.8mm or 1mm diameter and you won't need that much either so it isn't going to break the bank!). The large hoop uses about 8cm of wire and the small hoop only about 3cm. Bend the wire into a rough circle and make sure that the ends of the wire line up very neatly - either cut through with a saw or file to get a flat surface. Solder using solder paste (I prefer this as it is ready fluxed and easy to use)  using a small handheld gas torch like this:

Pickle using safety pickle to remove any fire stain. Before polishing I bent the large loop into a wobbly shape using round nose pliers and then hit it with the flat side of a ball pein hammer on a steel block to get some areas on it flat - which enhances the wobbly shape! To achieve the texture on the smallest loop above I hammered it using the rounded end of the ball pain hammer.

Then polish your silver loops using sand paper and polishing papers (if you don't own any polishing equipment like a Dremel Multitool). The polishing papers are great and give a great finish on this sort of project. Depending on the finish you want you might prefer to not use all of the finest polishing papers and keep a semi-matt or satin finish as opposed to a high sheen.

Thats the hard bit over! Then you simply have to put the earring together using some findings and your choice of Briolette Beads  (these are my favourite at the moment as they are so sparkly!). If you haven't already got findings for making earrings in your jewellery making box, then pop over to to stock up!

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