Monday, 18 March 2013

Creative Tips from an Artist

A friend recently set up Aggie Arts, a fantastic collection of crafty workshops  based in St Agnes, Cornwall - just down the road from Kernowcraft. This article from them is part of a series providing ten tips from their highly experienced tutors to help budding artists/crafts people along the way. Whilst not specific to jewellery making, I really enjoyed reading Caroline's tips and they made me want to get out into the workshop and start creating something, even just going out and drawing something from nature to create a design from at a later stage.

Take a read and see if it sparks some creativity in you as well!

Article 3 Tips: for artists from Caroline Pedler

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Just do it...don't over think, the blank page is a scary place so just make a mark, any mark to start.

3. Make mistakes and be open to making them.

4. Enjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy it, change it.

5. Embrace the fear and realise that making art is not an easy ride. It takes patience, understanding and perseverance.

6. Use sketchbooks, draw daily without too much thought, fill them and then look back after a few weeks. See where your mind was at, it's great for understanding your process.

7. Don't look around too much at other artists. Comparing yourself to others can cripple you. Be inspired, but stop looking when you become jealous.

8. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. You become what you envisage yourself to be. Be positive.

9. ‘Never forget your beginners spirit' Yoshitimo Nara.
10. Work hard and keep creating. Nothing comes from giving up...keep at it, through rejections, doubt and lack of confidence. If you love what you do, your work will find it's place in the outside world. It has to come from within to have longevity.

Caroline Pedler is an Internationally published illustrator working and living in St Agnes, Cornwall and offers a number of art courses. She started her career in Bath in 1998, illustrating best selling cards for Hallmark, and various series of children’s books for Marks & Spencer. Along with creating illustration for publication, Caroline
also likes to create work for exhibition. After exhibiting in art collective shows in and around Bath in the late 90s, her first solo show in Bath was alongside Cornish artist, Terry Frost. From here she has gathered a number of collectors in the UK and further afield, and continues to exhibit in and around Cornwall. You can see Caroline’s work on her website:

Caroline is currently running the Children’s Book Illustration and Sketchbook workshops for Aggie Arts.

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