Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Inspiration at the Beach

We've been treated to some gorgeous blue sky sunny days this week in Cornwall. A great time to get outside and look for some inspiration to use for jewellery designs. A trip at the weekend down to Gwithian beach (where this shot was taken, looking across the bay to sunny St Ives) proved not only a great break from being tucked up inside in the warm & sheltering from the rain and hail, but inspiring and motivating. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do isn't it?!

Hopefully at some point I will be able to share some finished items of jewellery who's idea stemmed from what I saw at the beach that day... but for now I will share the starting point and what I am planning to do...

Textures on the rocks - Creatures like barnacles would make some awesome texture used on metal clay designs (metal clay is a fabulous clay material that once fired with a gas torch or kiln turns into pure silver). Looking a bit further at the rocks revealed lots of interesting little marks and textures left from limpets and other shells clinging onto the rocks.

The next stage in this little project is to take a trip back to capture some textures in silicon moulding compound. This is quick and mess free. All you have to do is take a piece of each colour and mix them together well in your hands so that it is a consistent colour. Then press it into the thing you want to capture the texture of - in this case the surface of the rock (it sets in about 15 minutes so no worries of being stuck on the rock after the tide has come in!). The finished result will be a rubbery solid mould which still has a bit of flex in it, which makes removing the metal clay that you press into it easy to remove.

Once back home in the workshop I can use these homemade moulds to texture Precious Metal Clay. 

If you fancy creating jewellery form found textures like this then have a look at our metal clay range - there are various types of clay available, plus ready made moulds if you feel like cheating a bit!

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