Monday, 11 March 2013

Super sparkly Drusy stones!

Drusy Stones

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We just can't believe how super sparkly our beautiful new Drusy stones are!
We were so excited to discover these beautiful Drusy stones recently! These Drusy cabochons and flat plates have such an unbelievable sparkle on them that they're sure to make a beautiful statement in your jewellery designs.

So, what is Drusy?
4533 Freeform Drusy Flat Plate
4534 Drusy Freeform Flat PlateDrusy (Druzy) comes from the German word 'druse' which means geode, a geode is a hollow space within a stone that contains lovely little crystals. Our new drusy stones are chalcedony or agate which have been carefully coated to give them their extra sparkle and colour. These drusy have been coated in the US by a world leading laboratory using a process called Vapour Desposition Coating which uses materials such as Titanium and Platinum to give them a coating that is not only gorgeous but is designed to be durable to withstand everyday wear.
The stunning coatings on these stones range from bright golds to gorgeous shimmering blues and purples that are quite honestly amazing! It's so hard to get across how beautiful these stones are in a photograph and we think that you just can't beat seeing them in real life, so we thought we'd show you all just how beautiful they are with a lovely video showcase.

Our Drusy cabochons and flat plates are all available in our cabochon section by clicking here!
Drusy Stones


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