Sunday, 14 April 2013

Almost wedding season...

It's almost wedding season and many of our customers will be busy either making jewellery for their own wedding or that of a friend or making wedding jewellery up to sell. With the sun shining and the heavy weight of winter behind us, we are enjoying using lighter, brighter and more feminine colours and gems.

We created this tiara with a selection of our freshwater pearls and faceted cubic zirconia stones set into simple silver snaptite settings. These snaptite settings are fantastic as they have pre notched tensioned claws and you can literally push the stone in the setting and it will 'snap' and hold it tight. We wire wrapped these onto the tiara base.

Things you will need to make a tiara like this:
Tiara base
Freshwater pearls
Fine silver plated wire (0.3mm diameter is good for wire wrapping things onto the base)
A thicker silver plated wire (to create the plait on this design we used 1mm diameter)
Snaptite settings
Cubic Zirconia faceted stones

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