Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jasper fit for a royal?

On a recent buying trip we came across the most beautiful semi-precious gemstone... Royal Imperial Jasper.

Jaspers come in a huge variety of colours and one of the lovely things about Royal Imperial Jasper stone is the mix of colours that you can get within one stone. Colours are predominately in shades of green and brown but with unexpected shots of orange and pink. It reminds me quite strongly of the markings you get in petrified wood, but with brighter colours.

Ring by Amy Buettner

We have come across some really stunning jewellery made from this gemstone on Pinterest (take a look at our jewellery inspiration board too see some of the designs we spotted). These are some of our favourites by some very talented jewellers (see Pinterest for the original sources of these images).

Ring & pendant (below) by MercuryOrchid

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