Thursday, 27 June 2013

Making your festival jewellery, it's all the rage!

It's all over the radio, festival season is here! As important as packing a tent, Festival Fashion has become a reportorted genre of style and the accessories essential! It is the perfect opportunity to make some new jewellery to wear or maybe your are even selling your pieces at some of this years events.

For some festival fashion fun, check out the mood on Pinterest, and here are a few ideas to get you started...

Celebrate the look by grouping together Sterling Silver Charms, adding them to necklaces and bracelets with jump rings or joining onto a Sterling Silver Caribiner Clasp to change the look of your existing jewellery.

Charm beads are perfect when exploring micro macrame techniques, made extra special in sterling silver and gemstone. Combine with leather thong, some sterling silver crimps and a bolt ring or caribiner clasp.

Make bohemian chandelier earrings based on our Silver Filigree Component, adding drop briolette beads or use them with lashings of beads at either end of a multi strand necklace!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Longing for Labradorite

Irene Neuwirth, Diamond, Labradorite & Gold Locket Necklace
The great thing about making your own jewellery is that when you come across pieces such as Irene Neuwirth's Diamond, Labradorite and Gold Locket Necklace on a premium website, rather than looking wistfully at it you can take inspiration instead! For most of us it simply wouldn't be practical to be wearing a £16,000 pendant anyway (that is what we tell ourselves) - it would be awful!

We swooned over this gorgeous pendant this morning and went to look in our drawer of Labradorite Faceted Top Cabochons. Low and behold there are lots of 14x10mm ovals to choose from! If this isn't enough, you can even go for a showstopper at 25x18mm and choose your style of pendant setting - we have a super locket to fit the 14x10mm. Team it with a Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain to get the look!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Delirious for Drusy

Our latest drusy cabochons are here. Available in a scintillating array of colours  - Periwinkle Lilac, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Rainbow Titanium, Shimmering Black, Kingfisher Green and Iridescent White these stones will not disappoint as in real life they are even more vibrant, reflecting the light with each movement. We even made a short video as we didn't think a photograph was enough!

Our new Drusy Cabochons are chalcedony or agate which have been carefully coated to give them their extra sparkle and colour. These Drusy are made by Vapour Deposition which uses materials such as Titanium and Platinum to give them a beautiful coating designed to be durable and withstand every day wear. You can be sure of the quality and resilience of these Drusy as we have worked with a trusted supplier in the US who have made our stones to order.
Be aware that there are many cheaper imitations on the market spotted by pools of colour on the surface and colour that rubs off or doesn't last - we even heard of an instance of sandpaper fused to glass to copy the effect! Kernowcraft has been established since 1967 and we have had relationships with some of our suppliers for over 30 years! We take the quality and authenticity of our stones very seriously so you can be sure that our Drusy are produced by a world leading laboratory.

The Question is, what will you do with your Drusy? To get you started, we made some earrings with Sterling Silver Milled Earstud Settings, choose your Drusy and glue in place – we recommend using Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy

For our bracelet, we used a Sterling silver Love Heart 19cm bracelet, 18x13mm Sterling Silver Milled Edge Link Setting, two Sterling Silver 5mm Round Jump Rings and set in place a luscious Iridescent White Drusy!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Perfecting Your Polish!

To ensure you get the perfect finish on your pieces, let Kernowcraft guide you through the process with our essential polishing supplies.

Wet & dry

Start the process with wet & dry sanding sheets. Use these high quality, waterproof papers to clean metal, remove scratches and get a fine surface ready for polishing. For best results work down through the grades from coarse to fine.
Garryflex Sanding Blocks are really handy - made from a resilient rubber impregnated throughout with abrasives they are perfect for gentle sanding of gold and silver. The fine grade is ideal for a pre-polish finish or creating a satin finish. The texture of these blocks are such that you can cut them into smaller pieces or shapes using a craft knife for those areas that are harder to reach when sanding.
Sanding sticks are great - you can use our sanding sheets to make your own sanding sticks or save yourself a job with our set of 8sanding and polishing sticks - these have sanding or polishing paper on all four sides for ease of sanding.

Safety first

Don’t forget to protect your fingers while you work – try Alligator tape! But don’t worry, it isn’t made from real alligators. Alligator Skin fingerprotection tape is a clever self-adhering fabric tape that will protect your fingers from minor cuts, abrasions and burns. The tape is thin and flexible, the clever part is it only sticks to itself leaving no sticky residue, won`t stick to clothing or hair and is easy to remove.

Shine on

Follow with polishing papers which are excellent for gaining a high sheen on metals if you don`t have power tools for polishing. Use these cloth-like papers after sanding sheets to polish your metal to a high sheen by simply working down through the coloured grades, changing the direction you are working in after each grade. Ideal for using with metal clay as they`re great for getting into awkward spaces. Finally finish and look after your pieces with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Power polish

If it is time to invest in some tools for polishing, our mops, wheels and points can be used with the Dremel 3000 Multi Tool - but don’t forget that if you are using tripoli and rouge then you will need a separate mop for each type of polish. Alternatively our silicon polishing wheels are impregnated with silicon carbide abrasives and produce excellent results. First select your mandrel and then your grade of cylinder or wheel.