Thursday, 20 June 2013

Longing for Labradorite

Irene Neuwirth, Diamond, Labradorite & Gold Locket Necklace
The great thing about making your own jewellery is that when you come across pieces such as Irene Neuwirth's Diamond, Labradorite and Gold Locket Necklace on a premium website, rather than looking wistfully at it you can take inspiration instead! For most of us it simply wouldn't be practical to be wearing a £16,000 pendant anyway (that is what we tell ourselves) - it would be awful!

We swooned over this gorgeous pendant this morning and went to look in our drawer of Labradorite Faceted Top Cabochons. Low and behold there are lots of 14x10mm ovals to choose from! If this isn't enough, you can even go for a showstopper at 25x18mm and choose your style of pendant setting - we have a super locket to fit the 14x10mm. Team it with a Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain to get the look!

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