Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Eco Metal Issue

Being green is now a part of our lives, we recycle and reuse at home and at work so naturally we strive to be green in all pursuits. In jewellery making, some suppliers and makers are branding their precious metals and finished pieces as Eco - made from Eco Metals. This has raised an interesting debate at Kernowcraft, considering that perhaps this is just a matter of branding?
The nature of the precious metals trade is that a lot of the metal on the market is, in fact, recycled. People generally do not throw away precious metals as it keeps its value even when classed as scrap. A lot of silver is recycled not just from jewellery but also from the medical, electronic and photography industries - even workshop sweepings and it can be refined and recycled over and over again meaning that every piece of silver you buy has probably been on a long and remarkable journey; if only it could speak it would probably have some interesting tales to tell!

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