Thursday, 31 October 2013

Can you resist the opals?

We are really excited to release our latest collection of opals, personally selected by us from one of our longest standing suppliers.

A visit from our opal supplier always causes quite a stir in the Kernowcraft office! As opals are best viewed in good, natural daylight, we take a seat in a sunny window and delight in trays full of exquisite opals! Our supplier has a range to suit any budget, so we’ve had the privilege of seeing boulder opals worth over £10,000 wholesale! Needless to say as this is a little out of most of our budgets, we always select a range of varying prices all at a wonderful quality. The pricing of an opal is judged on the brightness of colour and pattern; the brighter and clearer the colours, the more expensive an opal can become (the rarest and most expensive of all opals are the reds). As we have cherry picked each and every opal, you can be confident in the quality and that we only select pieces we ourselves fall in love with.

Don't hesitate if you see one you like, remember each one is individual so when it is gone, it is gone. For more information about opals, read All About Opals and view the collection here.

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