Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration for your designs can come from anywhere – current fashion trends, classic design, visits to museums and galleries, architecture, nature, photographs or travel. Sometimes you will find that inspiration will come from happy accidents and unexpected combinations. But if you need and injection of new inspiration to breathe new life into your creative process, consider the following:

Social Media - Pinterest

Pinterest gives you the ability to make online pin boards of things you like or are interested in. You can also follow fellow Pinners or boards that have a similar interest to you. Pinterest is a huge resource that has grown in popularity and you’ll find people have pinned great links to excellent instructions, words, pictures and products that other people have made or available in online shops – think of it like an online magazine where you can store cuttings. Follow Kernowcraft on Pinterest here.

Exploration of a new technique

Have a look in books such as TheWorkbench Guide to Jewellery Techniques or Complete Metalsmith and choose a new technique to learn. You’ll find that armed with some new skills, this will open up a wealth of ideas and possibilities.

Something old

Perhaps take inspiration from a piece of family jewellery or re-work old something depending on your level of skill. This could be using elements from broken jewellery, old beaded jewellery that needs re-stringing and you add a new element or perhaps you take design elements from something that you admire – this could be the most personal tribute to that person or piece of jewellery.


Choosing colour combinations is very personal and you shouldn't feel that there are certain colours that do or don’t go together, it is really down to personal taste. A good place to start is to select a colour or gemstone which you are drawn to and then select other stones that complement it and enhance its natural beauty. If designing for yourself or a gift you might like to start by looking at birth stones.


Whether it is using different finishes on beads, texture on metal, or different textured threads or cords you will discover that using different textures in your designs can add an interesting element. Texture features heavily in all modern design and jewellery is no exception with hammered and satin finishes currently popular, often with contrasting smooth, mirror finishes in the same piece. To get you started, try our Metals Texturing Kit which includes The Jeweller's Directory of Decorative Finishes - an excellent resource for inspiration!

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