Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Something Simple - Wire Drop Earrings

We know that designs don't need to be complicated to be beautiful, sometimes we just like to do something simple to showcase a single gemstone bead.

We used:
...and we've also shown you how they look using Rose Quartz Puffed Cube Beads.


Thread the Puffed Cube Bead onto the wire and bend the wire up on each side of the bead flush to the sides. Make one side just slightly longer than the length you would like your finished earring and the other end longer still. Our tip is to hold each end of each long end of wire with Snipe Nose Pliers and twist in opposite directions, this will ensure a strong, straight wire on each side.

Form a loop in the shorter end at the top using your Round Nose Pliers and use the long end to wrap around the base of the loop for several turns. Trim the end and squeeze secure. Your earring is now ready to hang from your Earwire.

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