Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Modern Pearl Necklace

A set of pearls is something every girl should own. Pearls are classic, pearls are ageless and you can choose your style with a string of pearls - they can be short or long multiple tumbling strands. You can can choose luxurious traditional white or dyed pearls in a range of colours that never loose their distinctive lustre.

We gave a string of Silver Sage Pearls a modern look but keeping with the tradition of knotting in between each pearl. Knotting serves a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one, so that if the worst happened and they got broken then you don't loose all of your precious pearls. We love the look of knotted pearls and even love the process of handling each bead - a kind of therapy!

Once the strand was knotted using 0.45 Natural Silk Thread, we added Sterling Silver Necklet Ends (because they are ever so easy to use), securing the knots inside with a dab of C20 Devcon Epoxy Glue. Then we attached a 5mm Sterling Silver Jump Ring at one end and added a Sterling Silver Leaf Charm, finishing the necklace with a Sterling Silver Plain Flat Toggle Clasp.

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