Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Last Minute Jewellery Makes

Don't forget that jewellery making doesn't need to take a lot of time - you can experiment with ready made settings for last minute gifts!

You can use easy to set settings such as Sterling Silver Snaptite Earstuds Settings also available in a pendant setting. You can make these in minutes as you simply need to push the stone into place and the claws will hold it tightly.

In the photo we used 5mm Round Sterling Silver Snaptite Earstud Settngs with a pair of 5mm Mystic Fire Topaz Faceted Stones.

Gallery Wire Settings are available in earring, pendant and ring settings and again can be made very quickly. You just need to choose your cabochons and use a Bezel Rocker to push the prongs of the gallery wire bezel over the edges of the stone.

Gallery Wire Settings are ever so versatile - we even used Sterling Silver Wire to add a White Head Drilled Teardrop Pearl bead.

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