Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A look for all seasons - tan, silver and turquoise

The two natural elements of leather and silver go together well and sing when combined with turquoise. The nice thing about this combination is that it works happily throughout the seasons, the brown shades of leather suits the Autumn/ Winter season whereas the turquoise brings brighter notes of Spring and Summer. For you cowboys and cowgirls out there, this combination also has a hint of the Wild West!

For this bracelet we used
A length of 3mm Micro Fibre Flat Suede Cord (but you could use actual leather)
x2 10mm Sterling Silver Jump Rings
x1 5mm Sterling Silver Jump Ring
x1 Sterling Silver Caribiner Clasp
x1 Sterling Silver Stripey Charm Bead Bail
x1 Turquoise Briolette
x1 Sterling Silver Charm (we used a Starfish Charm)
0.4mm Sterling Silver Wire to wrap the Turquoise Briolette
GS Hypo Cement Glue

Fold your length of 3mm Micro Fibre Flat Suede Cord into thirds and adjust your length to make the desired size of bracelet, unfold. Take one end, fold in a third and glue in place, then fold the other end over and thread your Bail onto all three strands. Attach your 10mm Sterling Silver Jump Rings and secure the ends of the Suede Cord in place, attach the Caribiner Clasp.

Finally wire wrap your Turquoise Briolette and attach to the Bail with the Sterling Silver Charm using a 5mm Sterling Silver Jump Ring.

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