Friday, 28 February 2014

Our favourite time-saving cheats for stone setting

Choose a ready made setting

Sterling Silver Bezel Cups are a best-seller! These plain edge bezel cups provide an easy way to set cabochons so you can focus on the rest of your piece. Simply solder to your design and your ready to set your stone. Due to the manufacturing process the bezel cups become work-hardened so will require annealing although this will most likely happen during the soldering process. Simply bezel the cup over the stone using a Bezel Rocker and Burnisher until your stone is held securely in place.

Snap Tight settings are easy as they
simply 'snap' around the stone when pushed holding it tightly in place. These settings for faceted stones are extremely popular as they are so versatile, you can thread the loose settings onto wire to decorate tiaras or you can solder them on to your design.

Gallery Wire Settings are available in pendant, link, earring and ring settings are so easy to use it makes them suitable for beginner. Simply choose a cabochon the corresponding size for your setting and use a Bezel Rocker to push the prongs over the stone and hold it in place.

Save time with Solder Paste

Sterling Silver Solder Paste is much quicker and easier to use than traditional solder. The paste stays where you want it to, making it very simple to use and there is no need for extra flux as it is already mixed in with the paste! Keeps very well if kept airtight. Ideal for those quick single soldering jobs, this solder paste is a must have.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Brass Wire Bracelet

Love doesn't need to be complicated, we made this simple bracelet using:
1mm Brass Wire
A pair of Round Nose Pliers
A Ball Pein Hammer
A Steel Bench Block
Sterling Silver Solder Paste - Easy
Gas Torch
Midas Finish Seal Lacquer

Use your Round Nose Pliers to form the word love and then the flat side of a Ball Pein Hammer to flatten parts of, or all of the word on a Steel Bench Block. We then used a small amount of Easy Silver Solder Paste with a Gas Torch to hold the loops of the L,O and the E in place. Trim the lengths of wire either end of the word to the size of bracelet you require. For decoration tie a little knot in one end and solder the ends together. As an alternative fastening you could form a hook and eye.

If this design idea has whetted your appetite for making jewellery with wire, consider getting set up quickly and easily with our Beginners Wire Working Kit.

Monday, 3 February 2014

5-Minute Make - Multi Quartz Nugget Necklace

Inspired by Pinterest, here is our version of a necklace you can see on our board made and worn moments later!

We love the irregular ruggedness of the Multi Quartz Faceted Nugget Beads, yet they are delicate and refined in colour. You could also use Multi Quartz Faceted Rondelle Beads to make a regular version if you prefer. This necklace was made using:

x5 Multi Quartz Faceted Nugget Beads
x8cm Sterling Silver 0.8mm Wire
x1 50cm Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain (or desired length)

Simply snip your chain in half using Side Cutters or use a length of loose chain the desired length and attach fastenings. Make an eye loop at one end of your length of your 0.8mm Wire using Round Nose Pliers, attach to one end of the chain, close the loop and thread your beads on in your chosen order. Make a loop at the other end of your wire flush with your beads and thread on to the other end of the chain and close!