Monday, 7 April 2014

Make them and wear them - Briolette Chain Earrings

Sometimes the lure of beautiful Gemstone Briolettes is too much and you just have to buy them! We made these earrings (and wore them straight away) using:

SF18a Sterling Silver Kidney Wire with Safety Catch
SF1a x2 5mm Jump Rings
SF1 x4 3.5mm Jump Rings
SN2 Sterling Silver Chain
A85 0.5 Sterling Silver Wire 
SO1638 x2 Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Teardrop Briolettes
B304 Rose Quartz Faceted Teardrop Briolettes 

Tools: A pair of Side Cutters, Snipe Nose and Round Nose Pliers - for the best value set of pliers choose our Pliers Pack, guaranteed to get you off to a good start.
Optional: Soldering equipment

Start by wire wrapping your briolettes, if you haven't done it before it is good to practise with some Silver Plated Wire before moving onto precious metal. Decide what length you would like your chain drops to be and trim four pieces to size before adding a 3.5mm Jump Ring to each end of each piece of chain. Add your wrapped briolettes to one end of each piece of chain and read our information about working with jump rings. Ensure that they are closed tightly.

Thread the other ends of your chains onto two 5mm Jump Rings and again close tightly. You might consider soldering your jump rings for extra security, although be very careful of your briolettes if you solder the jump rings connecting the briolette to the chain. Thermo-Gel is a very handy heat barrier if you are in any doubt.

Finally thread your chains onto your earwires and your lovely new earrings are ready to wear!

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