Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Making a ring the perfect size!

We love rings! Statement ones with big juicy stones, to delicate stacking rings, but how do you make sure the ring you make is the right size for you or the person you are making for?

Whether you are making a ring using metal clay, traditional silversmithing or wire wrapping techniques, a wheatsheaf ring size stick is a must have for making sure your ring is the right size! 

Measure your finger using our simple ring sizer, if you are unsure of the size you need 

The wheatsheaf ring size stick has all the ring sizes from A to Z marked onto the metal in a grooved line, so once you know your size, simply select the size you want to make and wrap a piece of string around your size on the selected size line and mark where the ends meet, measure your marked string with a ruler and you have the exact length you need to cut from your silver.

If you've ever asked yourself "How much silver do I need to make a ring", this stick is your new best friend! 

C48 wheatsheaf ring sizing stick

If you already have your silver you can wrap it around the correct size line and mark where you need to cut with a scriber.

You can use the stick to measure a favorite ring you already have, to find out the size, so you know how to make it fit a certain finger.

If you are wire wrapping you can use your ring stick to make sure you begin with the correct size. 

Why not try giving your ring some texture by popping it onto a ring Triblet (also known as a mandrel) and giving it a good bash with a cross pein hammer. You should also try out our texturing kit if you want to create something really unique!

Tip: The wheatsheaf size stick is notched with all the different sizes and is purely for making sure your ring is the perfect size, if you hit it with a hammer you will damage the markings and make it less accurate, so make sure to always use your triblet/mandrel when shape or texturing a ring. 

Other essentials needed for making the perfect ring are:

The ring bending pliers- for ease or bending your wire to the correct shape

The rawhide mallet - so that you don't mark your ring while shaping it on your triblet

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