Friday, 2 May 2014

Make texture easily with metal clay - turn your beach finds into silver jewellery!

pmc, metal clay, silver clay, fingerprint jewellerypmc, metal clay, silver clay, fingerprint jewellery, The sunshine is real treat at the moment and we've enjoyed walking on the beach around Kernowcraft. Beach finds are perfect for making textures on Metal Clay or even for making moulds to make whole pieces.
We made the pendants pictured above using the Seashore Mould for Metal ClayHere's everything you need to get starting making these beautiful silver shells and sea creatures:

 make your own beach inspired jewellery,shell pendant, silver art clay,
Metal Clay
Rolling pin
Insulated Reverse Action Tweezers
Gas Torch
Soldering Block
Small Brass Brush
Seashore Mould

We also supply everything you need to get started with Metal Clay Kits.

silver clay jewellery, pmc, metal clay, fingerprint jewellery

Or try turning your own beach finds into silver jewellery! Simply using our Moulding Compound and make your own moulds that you can use again and again. We have the full instructions on how to use Moulding Compound to make a Metal Clay Seashell Charm here.

For more information about using Metal Clay, we recommend reading Magical Metal Clay.

If you are enjoying making jewellery using metal clay you can invest in a gorgeous firing kiln! These can be used for glass fusing and all sorts of other techniques.


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